A Guide for Using CBD Oil Responsibly for Combating Anxiety

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The health benefits of cannabis have undeniably led to the legalization of using CBD oil against anxiety in NZ. And if you’re interested, this piece can help you gain some insight.

The purpose of this guide isn’t to provide any lengthy details about responsible use. It’s just a collection of useful information and tips to help you through your wellness journey.

How Does it Work?

The research on the effects of CBD products is extensive but still ongoing. What we do know is how cannabis oil and extract might combat stress in those who use it.

It combats hormones in our body that elevate our fight-or-flight response. This is necessary during conditions or situations where anxiety makes us unable to think or act clearly. Or, it helps us cope with the symptoms of long-term stress, like palpitations, hyperventilation, and more.

Indica Vs. Sativa – Choose Your Fighter

Most CBD products derive from the two main strains of Cannabis: Indica and Sativa. While both products have similar aims, their effects are usually a lot different.

Sativa oil has an energizing effect when you consume it. This works well for some. But if you’re trying to lower your anxiety, this could be counterproductive. Indica has a pronounced soothing feel after intake, which is why it’s the better option if you’re ill at ease.

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Is Hybrid Right For You?

Hybrid products contain a mixture of both strains. They can also help calm your anxiety, but they are less potent than pure or dominant Indica extract.

The overall effect isn’t concentrated in one place but spread out. This might make them better for first-time users, so they don’t get overwhelmed.

So Many Options

When using CBD oil against anxiety, you’ll find it available in a number of products. Besides vape cartridges, you can buy edibles, ointments, and various other delivery mechanisms to choose from. With each option, you can choose your desired intake levels.

Plus, these products come in a variety of strains which have subtle differences in their calming capabilities. If you’re not sure which product is right for you, ask your doctor.


If you need a natural way to relax without side effects, CBD may be just what you’re looking for. Just remember to have a prescription when buying CBD oil for anxiety in NZ, and you’ll be good to go.

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