Top Reasons Why Couples Seek Couple Counselling Melbourne

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Are you looking for Couple counselling Melbourne? Communication, transparency, and discussing your feelings are essential in marriage, and it has been stated several times. Couple counselling Melbourne may help teach couples how to communicate and listen to each other more efficiently.

Couple Counselling Melbourne

Meticulously, learning to communicate more effectively and genuinely understanding and respecting each other’s personalities, shortcomings, and hopes will go a long way toward strengthening your marriage.

There will always be tensions that put your relationship to the test. These tensions may sometimes spiral out of control, prompting couples to seek treatment. However, Melbourne psychologist can also assist couple counselling to restore their relationship than those who do not. Here are the top four reasons why individuals seek professional assistance and how it works.

Disagreements Regarding Money

One of you may be an obsessive shopper who can’t get enough of the newest technological device or new shoes, whilst the other may only spend money on bills, food and other basics. These opposing perspectives on money might lead to regular quarrels. Couples counselling can assist people in getting to the source of their financial difficulties.


Overall dissatisfaction or frequent quarrels in a relationship might lead to one or both partners having an affair. Partners will be allowed to meet in neutral territory with expert assistance to address the circumstances that led to the infidelity. Discovering the root reason for the affair may go a long way toward repairing the damage and reviving reliance on each other.

couple counselling melbourne

Lack of Romance or Sex.

Long job hours, children, and even weight gain can decrease romance and sex as we get older. One couple may begin to feel ignored, which frequently leads to them going away from their spouse and questioning why their sex life isn’t what it used to be. However, this unwillingness to confront the subject must be substituted with a debate about it.

Even with your partner, discussing sex may be difficult, especially if the topic lacks sex. However, sex and romance are essential aspects of marriage and should be addressed to restore that connection.

Disagreements About Raising or Having Children

Indubitably, having kids is a stressful thing. Not just raising them, but everything that comes before they’re born: deciding to have them, how many, possibly experiencing infertility, discussing how to discipline them and everyday stresses that kids bring to the table such as getting into trouble, loudness on the table and many more.

These critical decisions and difficult events may put even the best relationships to the test. Couples counselling Melbourne may help couples work together to make these tough decisions and address psychological complications that may have arisen in one or both partners’ childhoods and influence the decision to have or raise children.

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