What is Pilates and How Does It Related To Physiotherapy?

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Physiotherapy is the treatment of health problem by doing physical work such as exercises. It is very common in these days. Different methods and techniques are coming which are very effective for the human body in multiple ways. The person which provides the services of Physiotherapy is called “Physiotherapist”. The physiotherapist consults with patients to understand their problems such as disability, problems and injuries etc. There are many different exercises which are many common such as Pilates in Neutral Bay New South Wales, Australia. The best part of Physiotherapy is that everyone can perform such exercises regardless from their age. So everyone can do such exercises whether he is a child, young or old person.

Pilates is one of the exercises which come under Physiotherapy. It is similar to Yoga but is not yoga. This exercise covers movement of all the main parts in the body. This exercise can be done anywhere in a comfortable zone without any equipment and without any gym. The Pilates is recommended for most of the people. It is best for athletes to improve their physical fitness and performance, for patients to cure their diseases for recovery and for ordinary people to maintain their body fitness. There is key principle in Physiotherapy and that is most of the back problems can be cured by doing Pilates exercise. Everyone can do it at home and make himself fit by just contributing 30 minutes a day. It can provide the flexibility throughout the body and make the person self-stronger. The best part of the Pilates is it focuses on the core muscles which make it more important and preferred to other type of exercises.

In Australia, the trend of Pilates is growing faster due to health consciousness. That’s why there are many companies working on it in different cities of different states. Studios of Pilates at Northern Beaches are easily available which is suburb near Sydney NSW. This Industry is growing three Percent annually. The Studios provide different services such as Yoga Classes and Pilates and hybrid classes etc. The studios also provide Pilates and Yoga training to the customers. There are three main categories in which Pilates falls in Australia.

Gym based

Clinical based

A.P.M.A. members

In gym based Pilates training there are large number of participants.

In Clinical based there is either small group or Client Patient assessment.
In A.P.M.A. patients have individual attention from instructors and every patient is supervised individually.



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