Make Your Teeth White and Smooth With Teeth Whitening Kits

Riley Wagner | June 1, 2022 | 0 | Dental Care

Stories of how a grey stained tooth moved to a brilliant one is made possible with teeth whitening kits. It is neither difficult to get your desired whiten teeth . All you need is a teeth whitening kit.

Types of teeth whitening kits

  1. The whitening tray: The whitening tray is made from a material that takes the shape of the teeth. It is usually worn like a mouth guard and contains an appropriate amount of either hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide, which allows for whitening of the surface of the teeth and in between the teeth.
  2. The whitening strip: The whitening strip could be an alternative when the whitening tray cannot be used. It is also coated with peroxide. It is also quite easy to use.
  3. The whitening gel: This is a clear substance that also contains peroxide and can be applied directly to the teeth using a small brush.
  4. The whitening rinse: Though not as effective as the tray and gel, it can be used to rinse the mouth on the go.

Does teeth whitening kit damage the teeth?

Till date, no research has successfully proven that teeth whitening kit damages the teeth. Neither does it have any adverse effect on the mineral content of the enamel of the tooth nerve.

However, if while using any teeth whitening kit , you experience increased sensitivity  and irritation for a long period of time, stop and talk to your dentist.

teeth whitening kits

Which teeth whitening kit will be best for sensitive teeth?

If you have sensitive teeth and are already experiencing irritation from using the whitening kit, this is what you should do.

  • Choose teeth whitening kits that have mild levels of peroxide.
  • Reduce the amount of time you use the whitening kit and increase gradually if you feel better.
  • Brush with a desensitizing toothpaste a few days before bleaching.

Important things to note while using teeth whitening kits.

  1. Dental restoration that involves crowns , bending and bridges do not whiten. Teeth whitening doesn’t work on them.
  2. Adhere strictly to directions and prescriptions for use. Do not in a bid to get faster results leave the strip longer than required.
  3. Refrain from food and drinks rich in acids or tannins such as soy, Curry and coffee.They only counter the effect of teeth whitening kit.


Teeth whitening kits are very safe to use and can help you get rid of difficult stains with ease.

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