What Are The Best Healing Frequencies Should Be Used?

Samuel Butt | May 11, 2022 | 0 | Physiotherapy

Before we look at the best healing frequency, perhaps you should know what healing frequency is all about. Generally, healing frequencies are forms of Sound wave therapy that induce harmony and calmness in the body. Each healing frequency is unique in that they differ in how they positively affect our brain.

Therapists use items like gongs, wind chimes, singing bowls, and drums, among others, to administer frequency therapy. You choose the best healing frequency when you visit a therapist from this list below.

174 Hz

The 174 Hz healing frequency heals sick auras and relieves pain. As a result, it helps with leg, foot, lower & back, and back pain. Its also proven to counteract stress and migraines. By soothing the brain tissue, a person evokes feelings of courage, reassurance, love, and safety.

369 Hz

It’s the best healing frequency for removing negative feelings and fear. 369 Hz healing frequency is categorized under Solfeggio frequencies and makes it ideal for counteracting the feeling of guilt. It can also change negative to positive emotions, such as grief to joy.


It’s a tone commonly referred to as cerebral music with the effect of managing the brain. The 440 Hz healing frequency relieves anxiety and improve cognitive growth while awakening your chakra.

528 Hz

528Hz is the best healing frequency to promote clarity, peace, miracle, and transformation, including DNA repair. The frequency is crowned the miracle tone as it gets rid of diseases and illnesses. Furthermore, it removes toxins in the body and ushers in confidence and love while balancing our hearts and soul.


It’s a physical therapy¬†that aims at the heart chakra. As a result, it’s considered the best healing frequency that alleviates mental and emotional clarity. Its commonly associated with opera singers and categorized under healing frequencies for spiritual development.

best healing frequency


This frequency, combined with flickering light, stimulates neural response, thus combating conditions like Alzheimer’s and dementia.¬†40Hz is also associated with gamma brain waves as well as memory stimulation. Therefore, 40Hz is among the best healing frequencies for counteracting symptoms of neurological disorders.


The 963 Hz healing frequency raises positive energy and vibration and activates your intuition. It also establishes a connection with your inner self to get you to the highest vibration state. If done well, it’s possible that you can travel to the spirit world.


Although there are other healing frequencies like 417Hz, 639Hz, and 741HZ, you’ll realize that each is ideal for the unique case. Therefore, the best healing frequency is one suitable for your condition. For instance, 963 Hz is best for inner connections.

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