Importance Of Occupational Therapists In Auckland

Riley Wagner | June 13, 2022 | 0 | Physiotherapy

Occupational therapy is a type of health care that help solve problems a person faces in daily life. The people that take special training in this field are called occupational therapists in Auckland. The other identification for a therapist is OTs. An OT would sometime focus mainly on certain treatments like eye care, hand therapy, or working with adults and children.

Occupational therapists in Auckland work with your doctors and other professionals to make sure you get healthy as soon as possible.

OTs Work

An occupational therapist first understands how you perform your work and then comes up with ideas to help you do your work less painful and easier. They work with people of any age and make sure to understand their needs. During initial meetings, an OT will study your environment and give you the advice to make changes that will help you make your work easier.


An OT takes a theopathic approach to help the patient deal with daily activities. This also means they are responsible for the recovery, development, and improvement of a person regarding a condition or injury. Making sure that a person does not get clumsy in his daily activities is part of the job.

occupational therapists in Auckland

  • Understanding the requirements and conditions of a person.
  • Creating specific plans to help the person reach a specified goal.
  • By studying a patient’s condition, they help change the environment and accessibility to improve their mentality and independence.
  • Help the patient and their caregiver learn how to use healthcare equipment.
  • Make a detailed report of all activities and spending to create a billing and reporting purpose.

The setting for occupational therapy in NZ also influences the work of a therapist. Many occupational therapists work with hospitals to assist the recovery of a patient or help school children learn and develop, or the elderly people lessen the burden that comes with age.

Skills Required

A therapist requires extensive education to be called a professional. But they require several skills to work properly in this occupation.

  • A therapist must have a strong sense of compassion and sympathy.
  • Communication skills are a definite requirement to understand and create the treatment and record the entire process.
  • Good OTs must have diverse thinking as no two cases will be the same.
  • Patience and adaptability are necessary as many treatments will require a large time and changing of plans


Occupational therapists Auckland is a highly satisfying and fulfilling job. You can help people become the best of what they are. You can positively impact people’s lives, making them more fulfilling.

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