An Overview Of Bristol Stool Chart

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The term of “Bristol stool” is related to the medical sector. That is also known as Bristol stool chart (BSC) or BSF scale. It is used for experimental purposes as well as clinical purposes. Simply we can say that the medical  stool chart is a specific tool for the medical sector that has the purpose to classify the form of human manure. This specific medical tool will differentiate the form of human faeces into seven categories.

Bristol stool chart

History: It was firstly developed by the Bristol Royal Infirmary in England. Firstly this term was represented as an assessment in 1997. That times the main purpose of this discovery to evaluate the effectiveness of treatment. This term is a suggestion of the authors after his various studies prospective. The goal of this invention remains same that is used as a tool. The work of this tool is to an evaluation of treatments for the different illness of the bowel and this is also useful in clinical communication aid.

Different types of medical tool: As you know that everyone poops in their life but mostly people do not want to discuss their basic human factor. They do not know that the more openly discussion o this topic can save their life. Before getting more information about this term we should know the different kinds of Bristol stool. Those kinds have been given below:

Type 1: sausage-shaped, but lumpy

Type 2: separate hard lumps, like nuts

Type 3: sausage or snake, soft and smooth

Type 4: sausage-shaped, but with cracks on the surface

Type 5: soft blobs with clear-cut edges

Type 6: watery, no solid pieces

Type 7: fluffy pieces with ragged edges

May you have no idea that the poop can be n the different shades such as Brown, Green and yellow shades.

Quick and highly effective tips: If you want to get rid of such kinds of issues then you need to know more and more information about it. Instead of that, you have to consult with best and professional. So you should contact to the healthy recipes. There are highly effective tips that you need to consider them firstly. Such specific tips have given below:

Don’t use lots of fluids

Use the regular exercises

Add healthy and fresh food

Without a doubt, this stool chart having great value to human beings. If you want to know more and more about this then you can explore the internet.


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